9th Malopolska Academy of Talents

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Unique meetings with music at the Pałac Potockich!!

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Cracow Musical Autumn

Festival of classical chamber music held every year in Krakow Philharmonic.


Malopolska Academy of Talents - festival

The beginning of summer sounds like classical music in Malopolska. We are inviting esteemed performers and young talents to perform at the festival stages.


Chopin at Wawel

You would never think to look him up there. International Competition for Young Pianists in Cracow.


Malopolska Academy of Talents - courses

We want to give young musicians the opportunity to improve their skills under the guidance of experienced and well-known classical music authorities, offering ways of working different from the traditional ones.


Publishing activity

We coproduce recordings, especially with polish composers' music, and written publications


NEW Music

We actively participate in the Composing Commisions Program, and organize premiere performances of new chamber music and music on large instrumental ensembles.


Big productions

Working with institutions from Poland and abroad, we participate in the creation of unique (not only) music events.


Polish Music Experience

We promote Polish music and culture and Polish performers around the world. So far we have realized nearly 100 concerts on five continents.


Chamber music concerts

Chamber music is our passion. We organize concerts that shows unique beauty and variety of that music.


From the very beginning we knew we wanted to engage in publishing activity. So far we have managed to develop a variety of interesting projects promoting piano, cello and chamber music.

Akwarelle (2021)

[...] Why do we sing and listen to songs? I have one of many potential answers: because we want to experience the full nature of man. In a drop of lyrics... As in watercolours painted with water-based paint... (Małgorzata Janicka-Słysz)

It is a complete set of songs by Grażyna Bacewicz and a selection of songs by Ludomir Różycki. All of them were written for texts of outstanding Polish poets, including Wyspiański, Mickiewicz, and Gałczyński. Songs were recorded by award-winning musicians: young soprano Joanna Freszel and respected pianist Bartłomiej Kominek, two friends who were united by passion for beautiful songs. After three years of intense cooperation, they created Akwarelle. It is worth mentioning that this album presents the first recording of complete songs by Grażyna Bacewicz. Album was released by the DUX publishing house thanks to the support of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the „Musical trace” program implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

Premiere of the music video promoting the album: 02/13/2022 on YouTube!

Co-financed with the funds of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture under the programme “Musical trace” implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance.


Stanisław Moniuszko - Utwory fortepianowe (2019)

Stanisław Moniuszko's piano works constitute, apart from songs, the most numerous collection of compositions by this composer. Marek Szlezer presents their representative selection, collected on a unique album released as part of the celebration of the year of Stanisław Moniuszko.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the "Muzyczny ślad" program implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.

Spod Estrady. Mateusz Borkiwski interview with Jan Kalinowski and Marek Szlezer (2016)

The book is a river-interview with two Polish musicians: Jan Kalinowski and Marek Szlezer, childhood friends who perform together as Cracow Duo for 15 years. The artists talk about the beginnings of their activities, their families, their lives and events, which led them to work together as performers and promoters of Polish music and culture.


The book is accompanied by photos from artists' private archives and a CD with recordings from various years of the ensemble's activity. There are previously unpublished recordings of concerts and the selection of compositions for cello and piano, which have special significance for musicians.

Project co-financed by the Municipality of Kraków

Krzysztof Meyer - Piano Music vol 2 (2015)

The album was nominated for the ZPAV FRYDERYK 2016 Best Solo Album awards.

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Dedications - pieces for cello and piano (2014)

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Dedication is a CD containing songs dedicated to two young Krakow musicians - Jan Kalinowski and Mark Szlezer, who form the Cracow Duo ensemble. Duet is particularly focused on promoting Polish music, also during numerous international appearances. On the album you will find works by contemporary Polish composers - they require both virtuoso and sensibility from the two artists, which they once again confirm. They find themselves in delicate cantilas and in more rapacious songs, full of dynamic action phrases. As always with these two performers, attention is drawn to the fantastic consensus and coherence of concepts that make it easier for the listener to understand modern musical language.

The Małopolska Region is a partner of this Project

Penderecki - Chamber Works vol 1 (2014)

Recording was awarded Gramophone Editor’s Choice 2015 and nominated to ZPAV FRYDERYK 2015 awards.

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Penderecki Chamber Works vol 1 is the edition of Krzysztof Penderecki's works on jubilee of his eightieth birthday in 2013. The works of Penderecki, composer and long-time rector of the Academy of Music in Cracow are widely known and appreciated in Poland and abroad. The album presents a particularly important trend of composer's activity, which is chamber music. The album was created with the participation of outstanding young musicians from different Polish cities: Wroclaw, Katowice, Warsaw and Cracow among others. On the album you will find Penderecki's compositions created in various phases of creation, showing the diversity of his characteristic composition idioms. Performers of the works are connected for years with works and the person of Krzysztof Penderecki.

Association board direct special thanks to:


Mr Adama Balasa - Director of The Krzysztof Penderecki European Center for Music for allowing us to record in Center Hall.
Mr Rafała Skałki - Owner of the Exert construction company for financial support.
Firm RICO; Thein i BrassPoint for financial support.

Krzysztof Meyer - Piano Works vol 1 (2013)

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Krzysztof Meyer Works for Piano vol. 1 is a cycle of four contrasted reflective character works for piano solo. Pieces refer stylistically to the previous composer works written for this instrument. The idea of the composition was to refer to works already present in piano literature, such as the well-known works of Johannes Brahms. trend

„My intention was to compose a series of short piano pieces that would give the pianist opportunity rather than to show off his technical skills to present the beautiful sound and phrasing in the most traditional sense of that word. Intermezzos are vary in tempo and character, so they are slow as well as fast, intimate as well as dramatic” Krzysztof Meyer

Polish Cello Music (2013)

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Record for cello lovers. It gives you the opportunity to savor it from a single voice to a two-, three-person band, up to eight. Compositions are varied - from the complicated Sacher Variations of Lutoslawski, which in a quartet can drown any Polish cellist, through the soothing, gentle sound of Bujarski's or Penderecki's compositions to the sharp dissonances of Maciej Jabłoński and Krzysztof Meyer. All the songs are virtuosic, requiring a great deal of freedom in the workshop to enjoy the joy of sharing music. Maybe that's why we do not hear them so often. An important feature of the record is the very high level of performers. A group of musicians mostly associated with Cracow, led by Jan Kalinowski - the everyday orchestral musicians, chamber musicians and soloists - offers listeners a true feast of beautiful sound. They are also perfectly intoned, colorful - which is not at all simple, especially since they are not musicians from one orchestra, as is the case, for example, in the famous cello band from the Berlin Philharmonic.


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